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A&A DISTRIBUTING is a Wholesaler of Liquor, Wine and Specialty Drinks selling to licensed retailers, restaurants and clubs located in the state of New Jersey. 
We are consistently growing and expanding our product portfolio to include not only domestic products, but also many diverse imports through additional product appointments. 

Our portfolio includes unique products from France, Italy, Poland, Chile, Argentina and many other places.

In our domestic wine portfolio we offer the following brands:

  • Silverstone,  Bouchon Winery, California
  • Subarashi Kudamono, Asia Pear Wines, Pennsylvania

Domestic Wines Gallery



Australian Wines Gallery

  • Mr. Big Mouth Wines

Our wine selections from Argentina come from the Viniterra winery. A state of the art winery in the heart of the Malbec region in Mendoza. The Viniterra selections offer full-bodied wines while the Terra line offer a lighter style.

Argentine Wines Gallery

Chile has some of the best wines for the value that we have found. We offer wines from the Curico valley and the coastal valley of Maule. 

  • Quasar Wines
  • Sierra Batuco
  • Tricky Rabbit
  • Luma Chequen

Chilean Wines Gallery

A&A Distributing represents the following french wine producers:

  • Maison Schroder & Schyler - one of the top 10 Bordeaux negociants dating back to the 1700's. 
  • Chateau Cabredon is a small family winery, which produces boutique wines with relatively small volumes but high quality.
  • St. Hilaire D'Ozilhan, Cotes du Rhone.
  • Domaine Allegret, Cotes du Rhone Villages.

French Wines Gallery

German Wines Gallery

  • Castle Hill - Pfalz
  • Castle Hill- Mosel

Italy offers a great variety of wines. In our portfolio there are wines from Piedmont, Venetto, Emilia-Romagna regions.

  • Mi Amore wines



Italian Wines Gallery

Ernest Hemingway discovered and fallen in love with Spanish wines. He visited the old Rioja bodega Paternina every year for twenty-five years. We think that our Spanish wine selection will bring similar experience to our customers.

  • Capa wines
  • Columbus wines
  • Vincente Gandia wines

Spanish Wines Gallery

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