Los generales tequile


Glittering and transparency of Blanco is given by the two-times distillation through spirals and copper coating towers.

The perfection of its pearl-wooden color thanks to the six months of maturation in white oak barrels. The notes of this excellent Tequila evoke the aromas of these Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.

The strong amber color of the Añejo indicates the resting that we all patiently wait for fourteen months, to enjoy the great spicy flavor of the pepper and a strong, but delicate, accent of agave, which leaves the perfect combination of flavors and the evidence of its exact moment of maturation.

Extra Añejo
This tequila maintains a wonderful sweetness while also contributes to a caramelized and roasted character. You can taste the roasted marshmallow, chocolate, coffee, clove and roasted almond. This is a full body product.

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