Meiyo Single Grain Japanese Whisky

  • Style: Single Grain

  • Origin: Japan

  • Age: 17 years old

  • Proof: 42% ABV

  • Released: January 2019 / 3,600 bottles

Facts: Made in 2001 at Japan’s Kumesen Distillery in Okinawa. It is aged for 17 years in ex-bourbon barrels. “Meiyo” means honor, which is one the seven virtues of bushido code practiced by the samurai.

Yamato Japanese whisky

  • Style: Blended Whisky

  • Origin: Multiple(Japan, Scotland)

Facts: This blend combines minimum 8 year old malt whisky from Scotland and 3 year old grain whisky from Japan and is finished in mizunara oak casks. It is not chill-filtered.

Finish: Long and layered flavors of oak with a touch of silky cream toffee at the end.

sensei japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky is one of five significant varieties in the world along with Scotch, Irish, Canadian, and American whiskeys. Sensei Whiskey originates from Yamanahsi Prefecture, the birthplace of Japanese Whisky. A harmonious blend of malt and grain. It ages to perfection in Mizunara (Japenese Oak) barrels. Mizunara barrels give Sensi its distinctive flavor. It reminds some of snddalwood, a precious ingredient in Oriental incense used for aromatherapy, meditation, and spiritual ceremonies. To others, the taste will suggest a faint hint of cocnut. So, we fused together rare whisky, finest malt whiskeys from the rest of the world, and the highest quality pure spring water from Japan to create this remarkable blend.