Dutchcraft Small Batch Vodka is a sterling example of how drinking a world-class spirit does not need to sideswipe your budget. Do not be misled by the unassuming packaging and its ultra-reasonable price Dutchcraft is an Olympic class performer. 

Imported from the Netherlands, Dutchcraft is made in two principal phases. The process begins with three different distilleries producing the vodka's base neutral grain spirits, all of which are five-times distilled in small batches. The various spirits come off the still at 96% alcohol and are then blended together in Zevenaar, which is located in the northeast corner of Holland. The vodka is repeatedly filtered to ensure purity and reduced to proof with spring water from the Veluwe Nature Preserve near Arnheim. The water source is located 200 meters underground and has been flowing freely since the Ice Age. The vodka is bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof).

Dutchcraft is definitely deserving of its critical acclaim. The vodka has ideal clarity, a creamy, medium-weight body and a crisp, clean nose. Its entry raises glittle to no heat on the palate as it expands filling the mouth with light fruit and vanilla flavors. The finish is laced with a subtle grainy sweetness. Enthusiasts of neutral vodkas will proclaim Dutchcraft a bonafide keeper.

Dutchcraft has garnered gold medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and The Beverage Testing Institute.